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On this website you will be able to view the despcriptions on trapping DVDs available by James Lord.     * Note: DVDs are formatted to play on newer type devices and some older style DVD players may not read the newer format type.

Personal Trapping Instructions are also available.


There are now a few video clips uploaded on the "Video Clips" page, and more will be posted as time allows.

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General Trapping information is available on the Techniques and Tips page.

Thank you for visiting jlordvideos.com and for purchasing my videos. Enjoy your visit in the "Lodge".



If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime @james@jlordvideos.com       


A little information about myself:

      I grew up in Oklahoma and started trapping in 1982.  Back then in my area during the 80's fur boom, no one wanted to show you any sets or even share basic trapping knowledge.  I remember getting put off when asking questions at the local fur buyer when I'd sale my few pelts and see other trappers with their fur.  Most  would say, "I caught them on the river" or "I use victor traps". No one in my family trapped so learning how to trap was done by trial and error, and mostly by error. 

      My first catch was a 72# beaver in a 1 1/2 single long spring tied off to a root.   I set it on a crawl ou,t but at the time I didn't know it was beaver using it. I assumed it was Raccoon. I trapped for a few more years until the "boom" ended and that was about the time I moved off to college.  Fast forward a few years and in a different state (Tennessee) I wanted to get back into trapping after watching a red fox and coyote mill around while deer hunting.  Got to where I was looking for sign for trapping instead of hunting.  The internet sure played a big role in material to read and learn more about trapping, the different types of sets, lures, locations etc.  When I joined our States Trapping Organization (TN Fur Harvesters Association) I made a pledge to myself and others, that I would sure take the time to help others learn how to trap and not put anyone off that wanted to learn.  I also found on line others that were willing to teach others; and I wish I would have know about them in the 80's and 90's.  Some are still around helping to this day, and others have now passed on but left great legacies in the Trapping Community by helping others and passing on their hard earned knowledge in the form of articles and books.


James Lord

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